Winter in Amorgos

The first question that visitors to Amorgos ask me is if I come from the island.

The second is how Amorgos is in winter.

Everyone wonders that and in their faces I see the expectation of a mysterious description.

My answer is that Amorgos is beautiful in winter too, as long as you have good company and a desire to do things, be it work or plans for exploration.

rough sea
rough sea in Agia Anna
rough sea
rough sea in Agia Anna

Then only the permanent residents remain, who are about 1,600.

As winter sets slowly in, most businesses close and only a few hotels remain open, as well as a few restaurants and cafes.

The mini markets remain open and together with the bank they serve as a common meeting place for the locals.

Residents can enjoy a coffee in the morning before work and maybe a few drinks on Saturday night.

There is a small indoor gym as well as several outdoor sports areas.

On sunny mornings, those who don’t work take short walks in the center of the village.

As the days get shorter, not many people move around, and usually groups of friends and families gather in houses.

Generally there is tranquility and all you can hear is the gust of wind and the sound of the sea.

chora mills
chora mills

The winter weather in Amorgos is wet and windy. There are periods with non-stop winds as well as periods with plenty of rain.

But most of the winter is sunny. On some such sunny days you have the opportunity to explore the island, feel the absolute connection with the environment and come in full balance with yourself.

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white chora

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