Three nights stay

According to the latest statistics, the average stay of visitors in Amorgos is 3-4 days.

The question is: Is this time ideal to get to know the island well?

The answer is: It is definitely not the ideal time, but it is enough -if you move fast-, to see the most important sights of Amorgos.

So let’s see how you can make the most of your time on a three-night tour in Amorgos.


You will most likely arrive in Amorgos around noon (14.00-15.00 p.m).

As mentioned before, you will need a vehicle to move quickly and comfortably about. Make sure that you have made a reservation in advance, and pick up your vehicle immediately after your arrival or have it delivered to you at the hotel where you’ll be staying shortly after your arrival.

sailing marina in Katapola


aegiali bay

You’ll need about an hour to get to your room, leave your luggage and rest a bit.

If you’ve arrived in Katapola, you can start your adventure by going for a short swim to the beach of Agia Anna and then visit the famous monastery of Panaghia Hozoviotissa.

If you have arrived in Aegiali, take a short dip in the bay beach, or in Aghios Pavlos and then hurry to catch the monastery open.

In the evening, food and drink in Chora.


The second day belongs to the South.

After breakfast, you can reach Mouros and enjoy a swim at the famous beach. If you’re not up for swimming, after reaching the village of Vroutsi, you can go hiking on the path that reaches ancient Arkesini and ends in Kastri.

mouros path

Then you could have something to eat at Vroutsi or drive south and get to know the villages of Arkesini and Kolofana, with their nice family restaurants and local flavors.


Immediately after Kolofana, you can find the famous shipwreck of Amorgos, and at the southern end the sandy beach of Kalotaritissa.

Bonus: If the boat travels to the neighboring island of Gramvousa, don’t miss the opportunity for a swim at the most beautiful beach of the island.

In the evening, food and drink in the traditional alleys of the villages of Aegiali (Tholaria, Langada, Potamos).

tholaria in background


In the morning, you can go swimming either at the windless beach of Katapola, Maltezi, or at the wide beach of Aegiali, Levrosos.

If you want to go on a short but impressive hike you can, after reaching Chora, climb the third highest peak of the island, Profitis Ilias. It will take you about an hour but the view will amaze you. BEWARE of risky selfies.

In the afternoon you can stroll around Chora and in the evening you can dine and have your drink in Katapola.

top at 700 metres


After checking out, you’ll still have some time to wander the villages for coffee or for your last buys.

You can follow this schedule, or the one you have planned out.

Or you might not follow any schedule and indulge in the magic of the atmosphere of Amorgos.

Whatever you do, you’ll most definitely be fascinated

nikouria from aegiali

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