aghia anna

Amorgos is not really famous for its long sandy beaches but for the small coves with sand or pebbles and turquoise waters.

In Katapola you will find the beaches Maltezi and Plakes, both accessed by boat leaving from the pier in the port.

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In antiquity Amorgos was one of the first places from which the Ionians passed onto the Greek mainland. An important number of artifacts (stone tools, tombs, statues, coins, building remains) clearly indicates that the island was inhabited since before 3200 BC (early Cycladic civilization) and that three ancient cities with autonomous constitution and their own currency existed:

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Favorite hike

My favorite hiking route is the trail that starts from Langada and reaches the second highest peak of the island and the small church of Stavros.

The hardest part is probably the start of the trail since you have to climb many steps, seemingly never-ending.

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Favorite Sunset

My favorite summer sunset is in the hilltop village of Potamos above the port of Aegiali.

And to be more accurate, the best place to watch it is “KAMARA”, a coffee restaurant owned by Christoforos.

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Favorite breakfast

My favorite place to have breakfast is in Aegiali, just in front of the picturesque port.

There you can find “Votsalo”, a charming cafe which is located at the ground floor of the hotel Miké, with healthy options, many of them homemade and organic, and spectacular view to the sea.

Everything is curated by Thodoris, the owner.

If you’re an early bird, if you like an early breakfast, then the ideal choice is in Aegiali.

Seize the day, starting in Votsalo!