Solo travel

Amorgos is an absolute safe destination for solo travelers.

You can walk in all the villages of the island without feeling the slightest danger.

However, when you start a day trip alone, for example for hiking or swimming at a deserted beach, you should previously consult a local in the hotel where you’re staying about weather conditions, as well as about any geographical difficulties you might meet.

Broadly speaking, you should avoid dangerous peaks when the weather is windy and always be equipped with a charged cell phone, closed shoes, hat, sunglasses and of course plenty of water.

the old lighthouse

Also, if you have to drive, you should definitely avoid drinking alcohol.

In any case, as soon as you arrive at your room, ask for the hotel’s emergency telephone number as well as a map from your host, where all the island’s emergency telephone numbers are included.

And rest assured that in Amorgos you will never feel alone, since all of us more or less offer a helping hand as if we were a family.

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