Responsible tourism

Like all industries, the tourism industry contributes immensely to society and profoundly affects the economic development of humankind, as well as our mental world, but at the same time it inevitably has an environmental impact on the planet.

In recent decades, a substantial effort has been made so that everyone, from business giants to the last inhabitant of an isolated village, realizes that our daily attitude can change the lethal course of the planet towards the unknown, even at the last moment.

The biggest problem we face in Amorgos is the lack of water due to the continuous drought of many years. The water is not enough and for this reason the development of desalination infrastructure on the island has been promoted.

Until these ideas come to fruition, during the tourist season we bring water from other parts of Greece.

recycle bins everywhere in Amorgos

For this reason we would ask you to contribute in your own way, leaving a low environmental footprint during your vacation.

Discard plastic, reuse the towels in your room, and recycle your waste (in every village of Amorgos there are several special bins for plastic, paper and glass). Ask a local to tell you where they are if you cannot find them.

Amorgos and its inhabitants will never forget you for that!

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