Motorbike or car

Amorgos is an elongated island where there are things to see and do along its entire length, from north to south.

For this reason the use of a car or ATV or scooter is very useful.

But which is the better choice between the two?

The upsides offered by the use of a motorbike are a sense of freedom, closer contact with the natural environment and easier parking. Also the rental price is more tempting and can even reach minus 60% of the car rental price.

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One considerable drawback is that, because in Amorgos strong winds (meltemia) blow very often in the summer season, driving at altitude requires great care.

On the other hand, the car is a very comfortable choice especially for families or small groups. The storage space is also very important, whether it is for daily shopping or for swimming or hiking gear.

The disadvantages of renting a car are a small difficulty in parking especially in the high season and particularly in the smaller villages, as well as the price during the same period.

 In Amorgos there are many car rental offices, offering well-maintained ATV’s , scooters  and cars and often brand-new models.

The decision is yours.

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