Lefkes, a hidden treasure

How about a walk out of the ordinary?

A walk in an area isolated but at the same time close to the center of the island.

Join me in revealing the hidden secrets of the little hamlet of Lefkes!

Lefkes is located behind Moundoulia hill overlooking the port of Katapola.

In order to reach Lefkes, we follow the same road leading to the ruins of ancient Minoa. If we keep on the same course, we’ll reach the path Itonia (number 3) which leads us to the village Vroutsi and the impressive Kastri in Ancient Arkesini.


We can reach Lefkes either by car or on foot.

By car we’ll need 8-10 minutes; on foot it’ll take us around 45 minutes from Katapola.

My opinion is that if you want to enjoy the sights, sounds and scents, go with the second option.

First tour the archaeological site of Minoa and then head south to discover three secluded beaches, Finikies, Tyrokomos and my favorite one, Aghioi Saranta.

Agioi Saranta

All three beaches are small, facing north and have small pebbles and sand.

In case you reach the area by car, you should know that on all three beaches you should leave your vehicle on the side of the road and then walk 20-30 minutes to reach the sea.

overlooking Chora

There was a reason why they earned the title secluded, after all!

Lefkes is a wonderful getaway for swimming on secluded beaches, hiking, picnicking, photography and of course meditation.

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