The best 8 hikes to take in Amorgos

Amorgos is famous in the world of hikers for its wonderful trails. Hiking through those footpaths, you’ll discover the fascinating view, you’ll smell blossoming herbs and you’ll meet remarkable people. Let’s have a look at the eight officially marked trails below.

Walk One

Palia Strata

Chora – Chozoviotissa Monastery – Kapsala – Ksenodochio – Agrilas – Asfodilitis – Ekso Mera – Potamos – Aegiali Bay. Duration: 4 hours and 15΄

The traditional route connecting Chora with Aegiali before the construction of the road. The largest part of the trail is approximately 350 meters above sea level. Rich plant-life, pasture-lands, cottages, new and older monuments.

Walk Two


ChoraMilies – Aghia IriniKatapola. Duration: 1 hour

Route which once connected Chora with the orchards in Katapola, the farmlands in Milies and the olive groves in Sakka. Plenty of agricultural sights, irrigational works and a small “tsoukalario” (small house used for pottery making) characteristic of everyday life in Amorgos 40 years ago, before the construction of the road connecting Chora with Katapola.

Trail to Chora

Walk Three


Katapola – Minoa – Lefkes – Aghioi Saranta – Sivrisa – Kamari – Kastri  – Vroutsi

Duration: 3 ½ hours

Rural route connecting Katapola with Kato Meria, once used for the transportation of goods, farming and stock-raising. Cottages, abandoned farmlands, Christian and classical monuments.

Walk Four


Aegiali Bay – Langada – Stroumbos – Araklos Gorge – Parianos – Tholos – Ai Stratis – Tholaria – Fokiotripa. Duration: 2 hours

Route which connected the three villages of Aegiali with the little hamlet of Stroumbos and the farmlands of Kourouklies and Parianos. Parts of the trail are used even today as the only means of transport.

Walk Five


LangadaEpanohorianiTheologosStavros. Duration until Stavros: 2 hours and 20’. Until the mine 3 hours.

Route used even today to facilitate the farming and stock-raising activities of the villagers in Langada. A religious festival takes place (September 27-March 8) in Theologos. During the 1930s the path was the only means of connection with the outside world for the miners.

Walk Six


Katapola Andriadinon dam Aghios Georgios ValsamitisAghia MarinaMinoa Duration: 2 hours

Highlights: St. George Valsamitis church, Aghia Marina’s farmlands, Minoa with its Christian and classical monuments.

Walk Seven


KsilokeratidiNeraPeristeriaEvangelistria. Duration: 1 hour

Route unwinding through cottages, fields, stock-raising units, the Evangelistria monument and the Nera spring. The trail is the only way of transportation for the farmers of the area even today. Spectacular view from different viewpoints to Katapola bay.

Walk Eight


Rihti Ai GiorgisLeliTerlakia Aghia Varvara. Duration: Depending on the branch we’re following in Aghia Varvara, it can last 2 ½ hours to Chora or 3 ½ hours to Katapola.

Route with branches to other trails: Palia Strata, Milies and Evangelistria. Mostly a stock-raising path.

View of Katapola
At the Prophitis Ilias small church

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