Favorite hike

My favorite hiking route is the trail that starts from Langada and reaches the second highest peak of the island and the small church of Stavros.

The hardest part is probably the start of the trail since you have to climb many steps, seemingly never-ending.

Then the trail returns to almost normal again, in a natural environment very different from what you’re used to seeing in Amorgos, that is shade trees and plenty of green.

trail to stavros

Past the church of Agios Theologos, you only have one more difficult ascent until you reach the last part, my personal favorite.

Those suffering from vertigo should stop at this point, as climbing next to the cliff will be a bad memory.

view as you’re going higher

 I was fascinated by this route when, on the eve of the feast of the Cross (Stavros), I saw several old people, both women and men, ignoring the fear of heights and even making jokes throughout the climb.

The trail to Stavros is my favorite because every time the experience has it all, anticipation, fear, nostalgia and in the end exhilaration!

At the top with the best hiker Joe

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