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Despite the rocky beaches, small bays and mountain villages, Amorgos remains a fairly popular destination for families.

To be precise, I’d say it is a popular destination for families who have a little bit of adventure and exploration in mind.

I’m always impressed when I meet families hiking with their children on the mountain trails.

Or they wake up in the morning to see the sunrise, or to go up to the monastery with their little toddlers.

up to the monastery

Ok to be more accurate, Amorgos is a destination where even the laziest families will have a great time.

On the island there are the sandy beaches of Aegiali, a few kilometers farther away Agios Pavlos, and Maltezi beach in Katapola, which are all spacious, shallow and windless.

In recent years, accommodation businesses have invested substantially in family tourism, building spacious rooms or renovating large houses so that they can accommodate small or larger families.

the unique Chora

I think that the biggest advantage of family vacations in Amorgos is the good quality of food combined with the reasonable prices of the restaurants.

A family of four can eat satisfyingly well with an average of 10 euros / person.

the port of Aegiali

The most interesting thing I encounter is when I see families keep coming back to the island for vacations and I watch the children grow up.

 I can think of so many examples!

And of course, what a joy it was when last year I met a new mom who came on vacation with her children to show them her favorite places when she was brought here by her parents as a child many years before.

Three generations of travelers in the big blue!

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