Day trip to Iraklia

That day I woke up early, got my backpack and went down to the port.

At 7 our ferry departed for the Small Cyclades and Naxos.

The weather was perfect for a boat trip with winds ranging from 3-4 on the Beaufort scale, but too warm for a 28˚C walk and I was going to be finding that out as the day progressed.

 At 9.15 I was in Iraklia in Agios Georgios, port and Chora of the island.

After a light breakfast, I set off for the highest peak of the island which is Papas at an altitude of 420m.

To reach the starting point of the path, which is the small settlement of Panagia, I crossed the largest part of the island, about 6 km of asphalt road.

Trail number 1 starts where there’s a water tank.

It’s perfectly marked and of a moderate level.

starting point of the hike
the entrance of the trail

About 45 minutes later I was at the top and could clearly see Naxos, Schinoussa, Koufonissi and of course Amorgos.

to the top

As always, on my way back I made a stop at my favorite beach, Livadi, definitely the hottest spot on the island.

livadi beach

At 16.00 Skopelitis on his return from Naxos was punctual as always.

Two hours later, my favorite port was in sight again!

Iraklia is a wonderful destination for those who want peace, good food and rest.

express skopelitis ready for departure

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