Chora, Katapola, Aegiali or maybe south?

The elongated shape of Amorgos and the geography of its villages make it easy to cross the island from north to south or vice versa.

But what is the right place to stay and spend the night?

If you had an entire week at your disposal, I’d suggest you stay in all places for a bit.

 Chora, Katapola, Aegiali, Kato Meria.

Each place has its own charm and special characteristics.

chora cozy street

Let’s see which one suits you best:


The capital Chora is the most picturesque village, full of white stone houses and stone-built alleys, tiny courtyards with bougainvilleas and charming little chapels.

Small hotels, small shops, small restaurants, small tables. The definition of petit!

In the evening it becomes the number one meeting spot for visitors.

Ideal place for newlyweds, romantics, history lovers but also younger people who can put up with the noise.

Access inside the village by vehicle is not possible.

Located at a short distance from the Monastery (2km), the beach of Agia Anna (4km) and the port of Katapola (6km).

chora and big blue


Katapola is the largest port and commercial center of the island.

Here you can find  all the services, the bank, ticket agencies, as well as hotels and pensions and is a gastronomical paradise with more than 25 restaurants, cafes, small bars and patisseries.

Located close to Chora, the Monastery, Agia Anna beach and relatively close to the south.

It’s the starting point for most trails and boasts the most windless beach on the island, Maltezi.

Ideal destination for couples of all ages and families who love adventure, hikers, explorers, sailing and yachting aficionados.


Aegiali is the second port of Amorgos and includes the three scenic northern villages of Tholaria, Langada and Potamos, with jaw dropping views and in a short distance with each other.

It has the largest sandy beach on the island and is the most suitable place for a laid back vacation.

Here you can find cosy beach bars and food by the sea, and also the biggest hotels on the island, many of them with pool.

Excellent food and romantic walks overlooking the three villages.

Ideal destination for families, carefree relaxing holidays for young and old.

And of course for divers too!

aegiali bay


Kato Meria, which means south part in Greek, includes the picturesque villages of Kamari, Vroutsi, Arkesini, Kolofana and Kalotaritissa.

It’s an alternative destination that has been gaining more and more fans in recent years.

All the villages are within walking distance from the beautiful beaches of Mouros, Paradisia, Kalotaritissa, Gramvousa.

more gramvousa beach

There are no busy restaurants, bars and shops here, only a few authentic family taverns and traditional cafes.

It’s the haven of Amorgos and the ideal destination for people who love peace and a simple way of vacationing.


So it’s time to choose the place that suits you and I’m sure you’ll have a lot to tell your friends later!

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