When to travel

One of the questions I get a lot is when’s the best season to travel to Amorgos?

My answer is always the same: Amorgos is beautiful all year round, still it’d be best to travel when the conditions in your life favor it.

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Amorgos as a film set

In 1988, French director Luc Besson chose Amorgos as one of the main settings for his subsequently renowned film The Big Blue.

Many years have passed since then and Amorgos is still experiencing the success of this film which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

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Responsible tourism

Like all industries, the tourism industry contributes immensely to society and profoundly affects the economic development of humankind, as well as our mental world, but at the same time it inevitably has an environmental impact on the planet.

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Pet travel

In recent years, more and more travelers want to enjoy their vacation bringing along their pet.

And having been in those particular traveler shoes, I totally get it and agree 100% with them.

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Weather in Amorgos

The weather in Amorgos is sunny and windy most days of the year.

In spring and autumn the conditions are usually amazing with light winds and mild nights, but also intense humidity.

This is the best time to get acquainted with the beauty of the island through its trails.

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