Favorite dive

My favorite first dive of the day is of course only in Agia Anna.

In my opinion, there isn’t a more inspiring moment in the entire day than when I dive into the waters of Agia Anna early in the morning, right after sunrise.

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Favorite walk

My favorite walk and also my favorite jogging route is from one muse statue to the other. From Nafsika to Erato or vice versa.

 If you’re in Katapola, start on one of the two statues, cross a distance of about 3 km by the sea and finish when you get to the other one.

Ideal time for jogging until 9.00 a.m. Ideal time for a walk before sunset.

Favorite hike

My favorite hiking route is the trail that starts from Langada and reaches the second highest peak of the island and the small church of Stavros.

The hardest part is probably the start of the trail since you have to climb many steps, seemingly never-ending.

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Favorite Sunset

My favorite summer sunset is in the hilltop village of Potamos above the port of Aegiali.

And to be more accurate, the best place to watch it is “KAMARA”, a coffee restaurant owned by Christoforos.

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Favorite breakfast

My favorite place to have breakfast is in Aegiali, just in front of the picturesque port.

There you can find “Votsalo”, a charming cafe which is located at the ground floor of the hotel Miké, with healthy options, many of them homemade and organic, and spectacular view to the sea.

Everything is curated by Thodoris, the owner.

If you’re an early bird, if you like an early breakfast, then the ideal choice is in Aegiali.

Seize the day, starting in Votsalo!

Favorite drive

Incredible as it may sound, there are days when, even here in Amorgos, you need a way out of the stress that you might feel for a while.

That’s when I like to drive my car across my favorite route.

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Favorite drink

Chora is a by word for nightlife; something you should definitely experience at least once.

And although the child inside me often wakes up, it’s far more difficult for the young man to rise to the surface; the one who would dance or tell stories on a bar stool all night long.

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