Budget travel

Is Amorgos an ideal destination for budget travelers?

Of course it is!

First, during the low season (April, May, October) you can find real bargains mainly in accommodation and car rental.

But even if you want to travel to Amorgos in mid-season or even in the high season, we have some tips that will help you.

Travel by conventional ferry, which might be a bit slower, but there’s a 40% ticket discount.

blue star naxos

You can spend the night in one of the three campsites of the island.

You can use the local means of transport which are economical, comfortable and reliable.

Villa Le grand bleu

 You can buy a generous portion of food in all restaurants from 7 to 10 euros.

There’s always the safe choice of a canteen or a souvlaki restaurant.

Most bars sell beer for 3 euros.

So don’t lose hope and don’t waste time.

Amorgos has something for everyone!

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