About Me

My name is Spyros and I’ve been living on the island of Amorgos for the last 15 years.

I consider myself blessed because I managed to make one of my biggest dreams come true: live in this place with which I fell in love from the first moment I set foot on, a summer morning in the port of Aegiali 23 years ago.

I love this place because the journey and wandering here seems like it never ends.

Every day nature here gives you something new, a new image, a new sound, a different sensation.

A rustle of the wind, a cloud, a wave, the view from the top of the mountain.

Through my posts I aspire to share with you my true stories, to motivate you to travel with me. And who knows, maybe some of you might feel something similar to what brought me to this place.

And if you don’t find it in Amorgos, I’m sure you’ll find it somewhere else.

Because it is there, waiting for you.

Because the journey and the wandering never ends!